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We help our clients define and articulate their project scope by:

  • Defining project roles and responsibilities
  • Identifying decision making process and authority
  • Early coordination with other project participants, i.e. building owner, owner’s representative, architect, general contractor, subcontractors.
  • Developing a task outline and project schedule
  • Establishing budget parameters

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Knowledge Transfer

To design with purpose necessitates knowledge transfer. What we learn from you:
  • Your unique business drivers
  • How your business or industry is changing
  • Your mission and values
  • Your culture
  • What success looks like to you
What you learn from us
  • Workspace trends and research
  • Best practices
  • Change management
  • Relevant failures or missed opportunities
  • Cost Drivers
  • Value management strategies


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Organization Evaluation

To rapidly and effectively help our clients better understand their needs our expert team uses an escalation analysis process. We start with:

  • Interviews with Sr. Executives and/or Management
  • Onsite observation
  • Development of space matrices 
  • Evaluation of current space plan and existing furniture

From there we can determine your organization’s needs and future projections. Those additional steps may include:

  • Employee surveys
  • Discovery and planning workshops
  • Site tours

The point is that one size doesn’t fit all. We help you better understand you, by diving deep into your organization. Our end goal is to get you thinking differently about your space. 


See the Mistakes This Avoids