Coronavirus & The Workplace

We are here to help.

Midwest is committed to remaining in service to our current clients and future clients throughout the coronavirus crisis. Your employees‘ health and wellness is of critical importance both now and in the coming monthsyour people are your greatest, most valuable investment. Let us help you in making your employees’ return to work a positive, healthy, and empowering experience.   

Midwest Commercial Interiors is at the forefront of the research, design, and change management trends emerging from our world-wide experience with Coronavirus. As employees return to the workplace, their needs and expectations of an environment that allows for distributed work, remote work, and social distancing will be of the utmost importance.  

Midwest is the leading healthcare furniture dealership in the State of Utah. Through our critical work with the healthcare system in Utah, we are experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to reducing the transmission of pathogens in the workplace. Disinfecting the workplace, especially furniture, is something we believe is here to stay. Our team of designers are experts when it comes to material and product selections that allow for both a cleaner and safer work environment. This may include using anti-microbial surface materials, selecting cleanable fabrics, and placing mobile and fixed screens throughout the space to separate employees. Our team can also help companies needing to reconfigure or modify their current furniture layout to better allow for personal space division and social distancing.