Jamie Walker
  • 801.359.7681
  • jamiew@mwciutah.com
Stephanie Ennis
  • 801.359.7681
  • stephaniee@mwciutah.com
  • Facilities Covered: Primary Children's Hospital, Primary Children's Clinices, IMED Hospital and Clinics, Cassia, Layton Coroporate Offices, Homecare, K.G. Innovations Building, Lake Park, Key Bank, McKay Dee Hospital, World Trade Center Building

Kara Norlin
  • 801.359.7681
  • karan@mwciutah.com
  • Facilities Covered: Alta View Hospital, TOSH, Valley View Med Center, Employee Services, Salt Lake County Clinics, Clinics south of Utah County, Rurals - South, Central Lab at IMC, Park City Hospital and Clinics, Riverton Hospital and Clinics, Heber Valley Hospital and Clinics, West Jordan Clinic
Alex Slife
  • 801.359.7681
  • alexandras@mwciutah.com
  • Facilities Covered: All network facilities, day-to-day support, customer service, small projects, and small orders

Bethany Sadler
  • 801.633.8678
  • bethanys@mwciutah.com
Steve Peterson
  • 801.359.7681
  • stevep@mwciutah.com

Anna Dance
  • 801.359.7681
  • annad@mwciutah.com
Marcia Ivie
  • 801.359.7681
  • marciai@mwciutah.com

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its associated entities in Utah, within the United States, and internationally, are serviced by Midwest Commercial Interiors and Steelcase.