Fun Ways To Add Character To Your Office Space

Whether you commute to work or work from home, decorating your workspace is always fun.

In Utah, your office space is where you spend a lot of time—40 hours a week if you work full-time. Staring at the same desk and walls can feel uninspiring and monotonous if there's nothing interesting to look at. Since your workspace is almost like a second residence, you should make it a comfortable place you enjoy spending time in. 

Here are four great ideas for decorating your office to bring personality and color to your workplace and inspire creativity, productivity, and positivity.

A Small Plant Or Flowers

Plants and flowers are awesome pieces to add to an office space.

Not only are plants pretty to look at, but they also reduce carbon dioxide levels via photosynthesis and improve air quality. And interestingly, according to a study, plants reduce stress and anxiety by promoting better mental health.

You can start with one plant and then get more if you like them. Just remember to water it occasionally—you don't want to make the mistake of overwatering and risk killing the plant. Also, remember that certain plants might be better for different offices. For example, a plant that doesn't need a lot of sun will thrive in offices with limited sun exposure.

Wall Art

There are many options for adding art to your office walls.

For example, you can add personal photos of your friends, family, and pets! If you don't have any pictures to hang, you can add movie posters or framed art pieces. Use this opportunity to express yourself and show off your style!

A Desk Organizer

It might not seem like it, but desk organizers can say much about someone.

For one, it's pretty obvious if someone's desk is a mess. Being organized is key if you want to work as productively as possible. Clutter in an office can cause anxiety, decrease productivity, and even prevent you from completing work.

Add character and promote productivity by having cool and interesting organization pieces!

Colorful Accessories & Supplies

Last but not least, have some useful accessories, furniture, and supplies that will brighten your workspace.

If you love a pop of color, get a funky chair! Having a fun chair will make working more enjoyable because you actually want to sit on it. Furthermore, use cute supplies! For example, different colored sticky notes and pens are attractive because, like the funky chair, you want to use them.