A critical step in our process is helping our clients and their internal teams define project goals, objectives and outcomes. We do this through a process called programming. Programming includes the following steps:

  1. Classifying both broad and disparate project drivers
  2. Narrow and ranking drivers into specific, actionable objectives

These specific objectives are the “ingredients” that makeup the secret sauce that defines project success for your organization. Commons drivers addressed in programming are: functional requirements and adjacencies, growth patterns and rates, environmental performance (noise, privacy, mobility), employee retention, and types and quantities of spaces.

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Space Planning

The design and furnishing of your office space should be done with the same level of due diligences as the selection of your office space. We use space planning tools and methods that are not only easy to understand, but also allow you to see the 3D space rendered in real-time. This allows you to easily see your space and feel empowered to provide us with your input. 

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Concept Solutions

MWCI is unique in our ability to help clients visualize and understand their workspaces.

Configura CET is the tool we use to generate concept solutions. We were the first firm in Utah to have this technology. From the start of design to completion, our real-time 3D design process allows you to work side-by-side with a designer. You can see your complete space including interior walls, paint colors, carpet, and furniture. With our program, you can make changes on the fly, test solutions, and price them quickly. CET takes surprises out of the equation and helps ensure you are happy with your space.

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Specifications & Finishes

The process of specifying commercial furniture and selecting finish materials can be very difficult and frustrating for a client.  Clients often struggle to visualize how a swatch of fabric, laminate, or paint will look in their space.  To solve this issue and eliminate surprises to end-users, MWCI uses our 3D modeling application to apply all of your finish selections to your furniture.  Additionally, we apply your building finishes such as carpet, flooring, paint, etc. allowing you to see exactly how your space will look in context.  Our process of finalizing specifications and finishes is not a drag.  Our clients find it exciting and enormously helpful to see their space come alive and be an active participant in shaping the aesthetic of their new workspace. 

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